August 28, 2012

On this site I will be posting, periodically, the different projects I’m working on outside of my professional life.  I have several ongoing enterprises.  Included among them are several clock designs, robots, and automatons.

I love to create whimsical things.  I have never gotten past my love of fanciful machines.  In my professional and academic life, I have to make compromises about what I have to design and build.  But, in these endeavors, without the confines of deadlines and strictures of budget and accountability, I can let loose my dreams.

I was born with a natural curiosity about the way things work.  I have enjoyed the process of creation and invention.  As my skills have improved, through education, mentoring, and collaborations, I have been able to create things I wouldn’t have believed I could when I was a child.

My life is filled with the trappings of my childhood dreams: robots, lasers, computers, video conferencing… If I had known I would know an adulthood of this quality, I would not have been able to bear the time between then and now!

This site is not a compendium of all that I am doing.  It is, however, a chance for folks to get to know me, what I do, and perhaps share some of their enthusiasms for design, fabrication and engineering!