I created a mechanism for Dr. Zorowski, at Mechanical and Aerospace.  He wanted a demonstrator for one of his classes.  He designed a  system of two mirrored cams, such that one is locked while the other is allowed to rotate freely.  Both locking at an angle of 45 degrees subtended from the vertical.   I put it in Solidworks and fabricated it, the chassis, and the graduated markings, so it would work as a demonstrator.  Pictures and video.


20130126_202432 20130126_202348 20130126_202450 20130126_202442 20130126_202425 20130126_202413 20130126_202401



It is no accident that organization often leads to elegant forms.  In the endeavor to maximize the material use for a new iteration of my iris mechanism, I happened upon some very graceful aesthetics.  I nearly couldn’t bring myself to liberate the components from the work piece.  Taken by these forms, that to me, seemed to hearken elements of byzantine architectural themes or those repeating geometries that adorn Islamic places of worship.  It was an unexpected, but welcomed, moment of grace.  I adore my little machines, and the forms within them.  May Hephaestus accept this humble clockmaker’s pious offerings, that his workmanship meet the specifications of his divine caliper… that his endeavors might go like clockwork!

I have altered the iris mechanism, with the 2.0″ ID so that it has a removable back panel.  It could be used as a picture frame or a display now.  I couldn’t help posting the parts, as cut, before I liberated them from the laser cutter.  I sorted and packed them to conserve material and lasing time.  I think a lovely aesthetic came through as well!

Pictures of the parts before assembly are also shown