The anodizing didn’t dull the metal as much as had been expected.  There’s still plenty of shine, although it certainly isn’t the mirror-polish that was on it before.

The base section that adapts the rubber end cap was anodized black.  It blends very well.

It is very light weight and very strong!

cane-03 - Copy


cane-01 - Copy


The cane is nearly complete.  I put a mirror polish on the 7075 aluminum.  I wanted to enjoy the chromed look for a few days before it dulled a little to anodizing.    And, I also wanted the surface to be as smooth and even as possible before it went into that process.  It’s not possible to keep a mirror polish on it.  But, with a light anodizing layer, it will still be reflective and shiny, and still preserved from  7075’s propensity for pitting.  The attached pictures show the un-anodized luster of the polished aluminum.  It’s really very pretty!  This design is working out very well!