I have managed to get a lot of the boxes unpacked and a few of the machines operational.

The CNC mill will be running later this week.  I have some parts I’ve needed to service and replace.  The should arrive in a few days.  The cleaning and the rust removal I’ll do over the weekend and in the evenings.  I need the machine running to complete my Ph.D. research.

The laser is still not up and running… yet!  But it will be soon!  It’s my most important fabrication tool!  With it I can fabricate perfect involute gears, press and snap fit interfaces, clean chassis, and lovely aesthetics!

I have linked some video.

It’s taken a while to get a place to set all my tools up so I can build again!  I am very eager to get back to my Ph.D. research and my design work.

Much of this weekend was spent unpacking boxes.  I also mounted foam to help cut down the noise.  I’ll have to add dramatic measures to stifle the louder machines.  I have the materials and that will soon be underway!  A lot of the lighting is up now!

My friend, John, said setting up the lab would be “like Christmas”.  He was completely right!  A lot of unwrapping… and a ton of assembly required!  Still, it’s wondrous!

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