CNC Repaired and Running

March 18, 2014

There were multiple repairs needed to bring the CNC online again.   A faulty encoder cable, a bad transformer wire,  and a broken encoder.  All finally sorted andand fixed!

Repairing CNC 2The CNC machine works now with the new cable that I fashioned.  But, as I was closing up the Chassis on the main armature of the MAXNC 15 CL2, there was some sort of fault that looked a lot like an issue with a limit fault detection.  As it turned out, it had nothing to do with the limit switches.  There is a fault in the lead to, what I deem to be, the spindle power transformer.  There appear to be two power transformers.  One, I’m fairly certain is for the main electronics.  That is the lesser of the two.  I think this also because the IC that’s leading from the lesser is a full-wave-bridge recifier leading into the H-bridge arrays…. which have to be DC-driven.  The other, more stout, transformer seems likely then to be for the spindle, which is the beefiest motor.


So, The video I will be posting was premature in my sounding like it was all sewn up.  But, there’s no denying all axes now are jogging and running.  Since this problem with the lead to the greater transfomrer is repeatable, I have a reasonable confidence that it can be rememdied in another evening.  All of these efforts are so important because I am so eager to wrap things up with NCSU.  AND,, I have really pressing wants to make other things than my doctoral work.

With my full-time work,  I have to make the doctorate my first priority after my work responsibilities.   The lab is key for all these things.. not just the doctorate, but the ideas I want to pursue for work, outside of work!

Pictures of the CNC machine and the video follow.