I won’t be able to run the laser this late and be able to go to work tomorrow!  I will likely come to the lab during lunch for about 10 minute and see if I can cut or engrave some things!


I spent an huge amount of time cleaning and fixing this machine!



A great deal of acrylic had accumulated in the exhaust.  It took some doing to remove it all!


I expect the flow to be much better for the exhaust without all of the accumulation.


Filthy Work!

I have the Mill/Drill/Lathe combo working well.  I still can’t find the collet.  I can’t find the endmill set either.  I don’t want to beleive I threw them out  They may be at my friend’s house from my long stay with him.

All the ways are lubricated.  It feels like “a well-oiled machine”!




The Miniature lathe, I use for fine parts,  seems to have a problem with the radial feed.  Ill have to fix that!


Here is an home made angle encoder disk from before I packed up the lab.




Here are parts from the incomplete assembly of Rev 2.0 Meiswinkel Small Robotic Arm20140526_143234