Laser Status

May 22, 2014

The new Air Assist is online!

After great efforts, the new exhaust is installed and working perfectly!

After over 2 years of storage, in temperature and humidity varying conditions, the laser needs a lot of servicing.  The laser matrix is still at 98% power… exceptionally lucky!  But, all optics, belts and bearings are being replaced… then a final calibration.

My friends in North Carolina have seen what I can do with a laser.  So, the people in California still don’t get why I might mention it daily… even though it hasn’t been in service for months of living here.  I’m bringing it online, carefully, thoroughly… letting every aspect come into its proper adjustment.  Then, I can make an endless flood of spectacular parts!


I will post pictures soon!

The laser has been serviced and the power has been verified at 100%  The bearings and the belts will be replaced this weekend.

A new, silent air-assist has been installed.

Ducting for the exhaust will be routed through this weekend

A new, silent, exhaust blower, will be installed this weekend as well!

Will start posting pics of  progress soon!