Hero 2000 robot: VINCENT

March 10, 2016

I finally got my hands on another hero 2000 robot! I had to sell my original one that I had called Hector I know her to help square up my undergraduate debt and allow me to go to grad school. That was an extremely painful thing to do after all the money and time that was spent on it.  I also had a lot of unfinished projects that I wanted to do with it. This is giving me an opportunity to do some of them. Installing this is the IDE board design by Robert Doerr.  I plan on installing a solid state hard drive for a little while. Ultimately though I will turn this into a device that it will control with something like a tablet or smartphone. I will either Leverage Android  voice recognition or Siri.

Right now I’m slowly assembling it and calibrating it. I believe this is in extremely good order and I should be able to see it running and programmed with custom directives and very soon!




LED cube

March 10, 2016

This project is intended to help me to better understand ‘Charlie-plexing”.  I have this notion that there’s an analog of K maps that may exist for 3 bit states.  I hoped thus might help.  And it was fun to make!

5x5x5 LED cube