I was surprised at how easily everything assembled.  The press-fits were as snug as I needed.  Only on component broke when I tried to put it together.  You can see the red component pretty clearly.  The black plastic version was too brittle at the pres fit.  For a first prototype, I can’t complain.  It works so well in every other way.  I am always emotionally prepared for more frustration in prototype.  It’s wonderful to not have it!  Sometimes, I think the machines are shaped as much by the love of the designer as by the principles that govern their underlying mechanics.

Click on picture for video



More pictures of card



Click on picture for video of final assembled card


These are the first run of the components for the mechanical business card.  Some fits are too loose.  It’s to be expected since feed and power rates will be different for 1/16″ stock from the 1/8″ I have used so much in the past.  In spite of the adjustments that seem to need to be made, the first parts look very good.  All close to the models and the ideation work.