23B46C30-538C-4F34-BF61-6E5499D53017 AC438C37-E93C-4003-9DE8-FFA7A4BA9813There are some problems with the pivots and with the platform of the scissor lift staying level.  I think this can be fixed by tightening the track width to better constrain the platform.  I think that the pivots will have to be changed into pin joints to prevent the 2-force member from pulling out of the scokets.  I had considered this in the design stage but favored the planar joints I used to keep part count and assembly simplified.  This seems like it wont’ work so pinned connections will be tried next.

The name scheme, that I call “the titulus” worked very well.  Actually, all of the other fits went very nicely.  I have been spoiled by the prior cards working immediately in the alpha prototypes.  I guess this is a lesson in humility as much as in design!