Main Arm

The gripper and Wrist are essentially completed. As I have mentioned, I have to install limit switches and angle encoders. I also need to sort out parting lines and skeletonization for weight and assembly concerns. i know whare wire conduit is going… but I haven’t put it into the models. I am just about ready to do that at the end effector… and, as with other design progress, work toward the ground connection for the armature. I will make just the gripper first to make sure fits work. I have done something I haven’t done before: fix motors without fasteners. So, tolerances with the means in which these are enveloped may have tricky issues. Envelop, snuggly, but without cinching down on the works.. nor being so slack, in any dimension, that there is rattling. It’s going to be a trick. I have scaling factors I reckon should work for the scheme. Let’s see if I’m right!

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Main Arm transparent



I am waiting to add the encoders and limit switches until I am confident I won’t need to make allowances for the mechanisms.  The gripper is just about ready for this hardware.  My friend, John Klein, and I discussed a better source for encoders than I was considering.  His sources are so much better for the electronics.  I’ll probably throw myself at his mercy for the quadrature encoder code.  So, I will need at least 2 of these arms.  One for the Programming Maestro to program, and one for me to experiment.

I probably could have waited a couple hours to post this.  It would be more impressive to see the transmission for the wrist-pitch Degree of Freedom.  The wrist-roll degree of freedom is visible in the video posted here.  At this pace, I seem to be posting each time I complete a mechanism for a DOF.

Encoders and limit switches to follow… gripper first… working from end-effector to ground on every aspect of the arm.